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Travelling Oz – Day 141 to Day 147

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Day 141 to Day 143 – Wednesday 2nd to Friday 4th November 2011

Last I left you, we were staying in a rest area outside Jerramungup, heading to Wave Rock the next day. However, after much deliberation over our worn out maps, I changed my mind (as usual and again). There was just nowhere to stay on the way or way back, only the caravan park there, and it was a lot of km’s out of the way! (Really, I think my mind has jumped ahead to realising that we’re on the last stretch now, and the thought of seeing all you lovely people is getting exciting!) I do love travelling, I’m glad it’s not over, but right now my thoughts are more on spending some time with you than seeing another tourist attraction.

So, the point being, we drove past the Wave Rock turnoff and carried on to a rest area opposite a roadhouse, our last ‘up’ town I believe, Munglinup. To the boys delight, there was a playground there and they spent many, many fun filled hours enjoying themselves on it.


Happy Birthday my wonderful sissy!! Miss you xx

The next day, onwards to Esperance. A quick visit to the Information Centre then on to book into Pink Lake Caravan Park. The usual caravan park chores and a quick look around the town and visit to another playground. Unfortunately, Esperance is not an overly caravanner-friendly town (they don’t even have a public dump point, shocking) and the only places to stay are caravan parks or the national parks, which, get this, would have still cost us $33…for camping!!

Therefore, we chose to leave Esperance the next day (also, the weather was not nice, raining and stormy, and the best part about Esperance is it’s beaches). But then lovely Ros offered her mother’s driveway, which happened to be just around the corner, so we checked out of the caravan park and onto Judy’s lawn. Judy lives right in town, just down the road from Woolies and the library, and she is just as gorgeous as her daughter, so we had a wonderful time staying in her yard and spending some time with her.

Day 144 – Saturday 5th November 2011

Happy 2nd Birthday my little man!!

Happily, the rain cleared for a while today so that we could go out and celebrate Daniel’s birthday. After opening presents in bed this morning (Bob the Builder figurines & trucks, which he is really into at the moment) we headed out to the mini train, which rides around a park for about 1.8 kms I think. The boys all thought it was great fun, and we got a double ride as it was the last one of the day.


Daniel yelling ‘Bob!’ as he opened his presents.




We also did the ocean tourist drive and had a look at all the stunning coastline. Really the most beautiful beaches I’ve ever seen. (That’s two people in the water to the left a bit, for a bit of perspective).


We were also invited to go and take a look at Judy’s father’s shed. He is a very clever man who has created loads of gadgets and gizmos – flying planes and monkeys climbing up ropes, things that play songs and things that are powered by water wheels. I can’t even describe it really but it was totally cool and the boys thought he was brilliant. Rightfully so.



We got Red Rooster for dinner, including some chocolate and caramel mousse for a birthday cake…mmmm! Then the boys played with balloons and had a little ‘party’.


Day 145 to 146 – Sunday 6th November to Tuesday 8th November 2011

Some stormy days meant spending most of our time inside Judy’s house watching movies or checking out her wonderful artwork or  going to the library. Judy had us over for dinner one night which was lovely and it brought back some memories – recognise this cutlery Mum?!


Anyway, after a fond farewell to Judy on Tuesday morning, we headed up to Norseman and, as you all know, began our Nullarbor crossing. The flies are shocking at the rest area we are at – hopefully not a sign of things to come!


Thanks so much for having us Judy!



Well, I rushed through this blog so I could get it posted before we lost reception, but it appears I’m too late and we’ve lost it already. If I come across a little hotspot I’ll post it then. Otherwise, speak to you all soon from South Australia! XXX

(**Posting from just before the border – my last post in Western Australia! Update on Nullarbor crossing posted in next few days**)


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  1. Hi there. It’s 1:00pm on Friday and we are just about to leave Perth for Esperance via Wave Rock. Should arrive in Esperance late Sunday or Monday. Let us know if you hang around anywhere for a few days.

    Karen and Paul and children


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